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Neil Chilcott

Personal Information

I have been coaching for nearly sixteen years now.  For the Last decade I have been the Head Dance coach at the NIC, making it the most successful Ice Dance rink in the UK, having amassed many British Champions.  I’ve had the opportunity and experience to work with skaters at every level from Skate UK up to the Olympics.  I have experience in all aspects of Ice Dance from choreography to season planning.


I am a NCCP Level 4 Performance Coach.

I have attended many Sports Coach UK courses over the last few years.  I have also traveled around the country and to France, Germany and Canada to learn off Olympic coaches.

Dancing On Ice

I recently coached Dominic Cork for Dancing On Ice 2011, this is after coaching Natalie Pinkman for the 2010 series.  I then went on to appear on the final show of the series, supporting Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean in their new version of Bolero with David Garrett playing live. 


I recently attended the first ISU Ice Dance Development Training Seminar for Coaches and Dance Couples in Oberstdorf.  It was an intense 2 week course in Germany.


Coaching methods and communication

Goal setting and planning

Motivation and mental toughness

Observation, analysis and video

Imagery training

Performance profiling

Field based fitness testing

Fueling performers

Analyzing your Coaching

Child Protection


ISU Judging system

ISU Advanced seminar

National tests field moves 

Professional experience

1997-2001    Blackburn Arena

2001-2011    National Ice Centre, Nottingham

2011-......       Planet Ice, Peterborough

Skate Schools

1999 Dumfries Skate School (assisting Jimmy Young)

2001 NIC Dance Camp (assisting Muriel Boucher-Zazoui, Jayne Torvill  and Christopher Dean)

2002 NIC Dance Camp (assisting Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean)

2003 NIC Dance Camp (assisting Jayne Torvill)

2004 NIC Dance Camp (assisting Roberto Pellizzio)

2008 NIC Dance Camp (assisting Romain Haguenauer)

2011 Get the Edge Camp (assisting Micheal Huth)

Great Britain Team Leader

2008 Budapest, Hungary

2008 Zagreb, Croatia

2007 Banska Bystrica, Slovakia 

2007 Junior Grand Prix Chemnitz, Germany

Competitive Results

Olympic Games

2010 Vancouver Winter Games 20th 

ISU Championships

2010 European Championships 16th 

2008 Junior Worlds Championships DNF 

2002 European Championships (substitute) 

2002 World Champions (substitute) 

2001 European Championships (substitute) 

2001 World Championships (substitute) 

1999 Junior World Championships (substitute) 

1997 Junior World Championships 17th 

ISU Junior Grand Prix

2011 Tallinn, Estonia 12th 

2011 Innsbruck, Austria 13th 

2009 Istanbul, Turkey 15th 

2007 Sheffield, Great Britain 13th 

2007 Chemnitz, Germany 10th 

International Competitions

2009 Golden Spin, Croatia 3rd 

2009 NRW Trophy, Dortmund Novice 8th 

2009 NRW Trophy, Dortmund Junior 12th 

2009 Ondrej Nepela, Slovakia 4th 

2009 Gratz 9th 

2009 World Student Games Harbin 15th 

2008 Budapest 8th 

2008 Zagreb - withdrawn 

2008 Finland 9th 

2007 Slovakia 2nd 

2003 Czech Republic 9th 

2001 Vienna 6th 

2000 Slovakia 2nd 

1999 Croatia 8th 

1999 Germany 7th 

1998 Poland 7th 

National Championships

2011 Junior Champions 

2009 Senior 2nd 

2009 Junior 2nd 

2009 Novice Champions 

2008 Junior Champions 

2008 Novice Champions 

2007 Junior 2nd 

2005 Junior 5th 

2004 Junior 2nd 

2004 Primary 2nd 

2004 Primary 9th 

2003 Senior 

2003 Primary 2nd 

2003 Novice Champions 

2002 Novice 2nd 

2001 Senior 2nd 

2000 Senior 3rd 

2000 Junior 5th 

2000 Primary Champions

1999 Senior 4th 

1999 Primary 2nd 

1998 Senior 5th

1998 Novice 4th 

1998 Novice 5th 

1997 Senior 4th 

1996 Junior Champions 

British Solo Ice Dance

2011 Junior Ladies Champion

2011 Novice Ladies 3rd

2010 Pre-Novice Ladies 3rd 

2010 Junior Men 2nd 

2010 Novice Men 2nd 

2009 Junior Ladies Champion 

2009 Junior Men 3rd 

2009 Primary 3rd 

2008 Senior 3rd 

2008 Intermediate Champion 

2008 Intermediate 3rd 

2008 Junior 3rd 

2008 Primary 2nd 

2007 Senior Champion 

2007 Senior 3rd 

2007 Intermediate 2nd 

2007 Primary 2nd 

2007 Primary 2nd 

2007 Novice 3rd 

2007 Novice 3rd 

2006 Intermediate Champion 

2006 Intermediate Champion 

2006 Intermediate 3rd 

2006 Junior 3rd 

2006 Novice 2nd 

2005 Intermediate Champion 

2005 Junior Champion 

2005 Junior 2nd 

2005 Primary Champion 

2005 Primary 2nd 

2005 Novice 2nd 

2005 Novice 3rd 

2005 Novice 3rd 

2004 Senior 2nd 

2004 Junior Champion

2004 Junior Champion

2004 Junior 2nd 

2004 Primary Champion 

2004 Primary 2nd 

2004 Novice Champion 

2004 Novice Champion 

2003 Novice Champion 

2002 Junior 3rd 

2002 Novice 2nd 

Test Results

I have had over 1150 test passes.  Ranging from Level 1 up to Senior Competitive test.